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Foreign orders and shipping

Dear International Customers!
We're happy to accept and ship orders worldwide!

Before you make us happy with your order - please take a minute and read all important information below!
If you need more information - our team speak English and will gladly answer your questions or doubts!

I. Prices:
Prices and charges in our shop are based on EURO rate of exchange according to Polish National Bank exchange, and are updated weekly.

II. Available payment methods:
We accept 2 methods of payment:
1. by PayPal (we accept both credit cards and standard PayPal payments, we can send you a PayPal payment request if you need it)
2. by Bank Transfer (please use recipient data as below):

IBAN: PL88114020040000391201304732
Bank: mBank
Recipient: Galeria Margo Malgorzata Grzesiak Mokra2A/8 24100 Pulawy Poland

Please make your payment in 7 working days - after this time your order will be cancelled!
If you'd like to receive an invoice document excluding VAT - please contact us before paying for your order. We'll need your valid EU VAT number or a copy / scan of your EU VAT certificate.

III. Orders:
We accept orders 24/7, but our packing team is working from Monday-Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm, so your order will be packed during working days.
If you need to change something in your order - simply send us a note. We can edit your address, shipping method, add or remove products - before and after your payment. Just let us know before we despatch your order :)
We'll pack and ship your order in max 5 working days after receiving your payment.

IV. Shipping:
Shipping cost is based on order's weight and country of destination.
It starts from about 4,5 EURO (price including VAT) for 0-100g of total weight of the package.
Please note that free shipping option mentioned on our site is available only for Poland.

We ship our items by Polish Post Office with Priority Mail service with or without included insurance for its value and tracking option. The insurance option is marked with (W) and is available for most european countries. You can choose it on the list of shipping methods at checkout.
This serivce might be a bit more expensive than standard mail but it's a guarantee that your package will be treated better than standard letters.

We strongly recommend our foreign Clients to sign in and create an account in our shop, because after that our system will automatically set your shopping cart for shipping cost according to your country.
While making your order - please look at your shopping cart - it will automatically count weights of all chosen products and show estimated shipping cost for whole order.
It will also do it every time you add or remove something from your cart - so that you could easily monitor the cost.

IMPORTANT FOR EU CUSTOMERS: The International Priority Mail is not a Pay On Delivery service - you do not need to pay any additional fees for receiving your package from local Postman or local Post Office.
Please note that shipping cost paid with your order includes all necessary fees - so you should not be forced to pay anything more during delivery in your country (in EU). Any requests for fees during delivery are illegal due to International Postal Agreements. The value that might be written on the envelope (or package), presented in SDR / DTS currency (international post currency) is only for insurance purposes and should not be translated into EURO. It's not a fee request.

IMPORTANT FOR NON-EU CUSTOMERS: Please note that the shipping cost doesn't include custom fees. If your Custom Office will ask for taxes or custom fee - you need to account and pay it personally in your country.

If you'd like us to use courier service - please contact us before making your order!

We hope you'll enjoy your visit on beading.pl and have fun making beautiful projects with our products :)
If you're satisfied with your order and like to put our logo on your site / blog - feel free to do so!
Our graphics are available HERE

If you'd like to share your finished work with us - we'll be delighted to put received photos in our Clients Gallery! Feel free to contact us!

Beading.pl Team

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International Orders


Końcówki metalowe płaskie 16x5mm miedziane 2szt

Końcówki metalowe płaskie 16x5mm miedziane 2szt0,45 zł0,35 zł brutto0,28 zł netto

Magazyn Beading Polska Czerwiec - Lipiec 2013 PDF

Magazyn Beading Polska Czerwiec - Lipiec 2013 PDF7,90 zł3,90 zł brutto3,17 zł netto

Magazyn Beading Polska Grudzień 2013 - Styczeń 2014 PDF

Magazyn Beading Polska Grudzień 2013 - Styczeń 2014 PDF12,80 zł6,40 zł brutto5,20 zł netto

Magazyn Beading Polska Kwiecień - Maj 2014 PDF

Magazyn Beading Polska Kwiecień - Maj 2014 PDF12,80 zł6,40 zł brutto5,20 zł netto

Magazyn Beading Polska Kwiecień - Maj 2015 PLIK PDF

Magazyn Beading Polska Kwiecień - Maj 2015 PLIK PDF12,80 zł6,40 zł brutto5,20 zł netto

Sznurek woskowany bawełniany 1mm szmaragdowy 2metry

Sznurek woskowany bawełniany 1mm szmaragdowy 2metry0,60 zł0,39 zł brutto0,32 zł netto


Toho Magatama 3mm Dark Bronze -222

Toho Magatama 3mm Dark Bronze -2229,50 zł brutto7,72 zł netto

SpikeBeads 13x5mm Milky Orange 10szt

SpikeBeads 13x5mm Milky Orange 10szt2,10 zł brutto1,71 zł netto

SpikeBeads 13x5mm Orange 10szt

SpikeBeads 13x5mm Orange 10szt1,50 zł brutto1,22 zł netto

SpikeBeads 13x5mm Opaque Yellow 10szt

SpikeBeads 13x5mm Opaque Yellow 10szt2,10 zł brutto1,71 zł netto

Tri-Bead® 4x1mm Crystal Azuro 5gram

Tri-Bead® 4x1mm Crystal Azuro 5gram6,50 zł brutto5,28 zł netto


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Najbardziej lubię koraliki w kolorach i efektach:

  • Z efektem zorzy polarnej (AB)
  • Perłowe (Ceylon)
  • Matowe (Frosted, Matte)
  • Metaliczne (Galvanized, Metallic)
  • Ze złotym środkiem (Gold Lined)
  • Z kolorowym środkiem (Inside Color)
  • Mleczne (Milky)
  • Marmurkowe (Picasso)
  • Z efektem tęczy (Rainbow)
  • Ze srebrnym środkiem (Silver Lined)




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